Welcome to this page about Daniel Fung of Watertown, CT and his work as an advocate for CBD use. Daniel Fung is one of the most well-known extracts artists working in the MMJ industry today, and you can see his work at Dank Fung Extracts. Here you will find some of the vaping products on the market today, including its DFE Executive Vape Pen, which was given high marks by High Times Magazine.

So why does Daniel Fung of Watertown, CT believe that his vaping products are among the best? First, you have to consider who his vape pens are marketed to. Daniel Fung believes that there is a large market out there among connoisseurs who love the taste of cannabis.

The problem with most manufacturers is that they design their vaping products to create the largest clouds of vapor possible. While this might look cool, it can disrupt the taste as the vaporizers must feature a high temperature to produce the large cloud of vapor. This high temperature also, unfortunately for the user, roasts off the terpenes, which destroys the marijuana flower taste.  This creates an overall disappointing experience.

All vaporizers from Dank Fung Extracts feature a low heating temperature, which maximizes the flavor of the cannabis. According to Daniel Fung from Watertown, CT, customers will be able to taste the difference when they use a Dank Fung Extracts vape pen. Daniel Fung employs other extracts artists for the same passion for design and flavor as him.

In addition to his work at Dank Fung Extracts, Daniel Fung is a believer in the overall health benefits of medical marijuana. We know that marijuana is beneficial for those who suffer from epilepsy, deal with anxiety or PTSD, or suffer from ongoing pain. We are currently in an opioid epidemic, and there is a conversation that should be had about the role medical marijuana can have to end it.

This blog will focus on issues related to medical marijuana and its many health benefits, how CBD is used and what it does in the brain, marijuana legalization, and things going on at Dank Fung Extracts. Daniel Fung encourages you to come back to check out the latest news going on in the MMJ industry.