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Daniel Fung Discusses Individuals who May Benefit from CBD

Daniel Fung Watertown CT


CBD has become quite trendy recently, being lauded for its potential to assist individuals with a plethora of medical conditions. Daniel Fung Watertown CT CBD specialist has noted the rising popularity of his industry and sees it as an immense opportunity to significantly increase the quality of life of many different people as scientific advancements in the space grow stronger by the day. In this article, Daniel Fung of Watertown CT provides a short list of individuals that could benefit from the medical advancements in the CBD industry.

Individuals Suffering from Chronic Pain: Studies have shown that CBD may be able to provide relief for individuals suffering from chronic pain. In lab trials, CBD was shown to have reduced pain response and sciatic nerve pain in rats. Daniel Fung Watertown CT CBD expert notes that humans have had a similar reaction to CBD, finding that CBD or a mix of CBD and THC can be effective pain treatment for those suffering from chronic conditions such as multiple sclerosis or arthritis. Individuals in studies have stated that CBD application has displayed the ability to reduce pain during movement and had a positive effect on individual’s sleep quality.

Children Suffering from Epileptic Seizures: CBD has been praised by individuals for its ability to help with pain and inflammation, but its potential to help treat children with childhood epilepsy syndromes has the strongest scientific evidence. In studies, CBD was shown to reduce the number of seizures in children with Dravet and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome which, in most cases, would not respond to anti-seizure medications.

Individuals Suffering from Depression and Anxiety: Daniel Fung Watertown CT CBD specialist acknowledges that CBD can potentially help people that are suffering from depression and anxiety. CBD has displayed anti-depressant effects in mice and has been used to help children suffering form PTSD with their anxiety. Scientists conclude that the reason CBD may be a promising medical solution for those suffering from anxiety and depression is because CBD can act our brain’s serotonin receptors.

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