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Daniel Fung of Watertown, CT Gives Advice for Those New to Medical Marijuana

Medical cannabis, or medical marijuana is cannabis and cannabinoids that are prescribed by physicians for their patients. Hi, I am Daniel Fung and I wanted to give some advice to those of you who are new to the medical marijuana industry. If you are passionate about this industry and trying to get into it, I […]

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Daniel Fung of CT Discusses What’s States Are Most Likely To Legalize Marijuana in 2021

  Today, 16 states and Washington DC have legalized marijuana for adults over the age of 21, and 37 states have legalized the use of medical marijuana. Although the topic of marijuana legalization has always been a hot-button issue in the US, within the past ten years, public opinion regarding cannabis has changed significantly, with […]

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Daniel Fung Discusses Changes in the Industry’s Landscape During COVID Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused massive changes in almost every industry, as businesses not deemed essential by the government came to a screeching halt almost overnight. While the cannabis industry has remained operational during the crisis, it too has faced many changes as it rushed to adapt policies that would ensure consumers could get supplies […]

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Daniel Fung Discusses Individuals who May Benefit from CBD

  CBD has become quite trendy recently, being lauded for its potential to assist individuals with a plethora of medical conditions. Daniel Fung Watertown CT CBD specialist has noted the rising popularity of his industry and sees it as an immense opportunity to significantly increase the quality of life of many different people as scientific […]

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Daniel Fung Comments on Cases of Vaping-Related Lung Illness Surging

Daniel Fung of Watertown, CT is an industry leading advocate in the marijuana industry and has been playing close attention to the rising popularity of vaping. While marijuana, which has been proven to have medicinal benefits in study after study, remains illegal in many states, vaping has become all the rage. Daniel Fung of Watertown, […]

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Daniel Fung Discusses More Benefits of CBD

Do you have anxiety or chronic pain? Daniel Fung says you might want to try CBD oil to alleviate your symptoms. While prescription medications can be prescribed to treat these conditions, they often come with side effects that could affect your day-to-day life. We all know the dangers of opiates but antidepressants and benzos are […]